Black & White

    • Black & White

A black and white photo of zebras in the middle.  A black and white photo of some snowA man in white is standing next to an egyptian wall. A group of people standing in front of an egyptian temple.A person in scuba gear swimming under the water. Two dolphins swimming in the ocean with a black and white photo. A wooden statue of an animal in the middle of a building. A group of dolphins swimming in the ocean. A whale is swimming in the ocean. A scuba diver is diving over an underwater shipwreck.  A man with a beard and a necklaceA man with a spear and a shell in his mouth. A woman with a necklace and bracelets on her back.A woman holding a baby in her lap.A man with painted face and body art. A group of people in costumes are standing together.A man in traditional dress holding an umbrella.A zebra is shown in black and white. A group of people with painted faces and body paint. Two men in costume are standing next to a wooden wall. A man with a beard and a wreath on his head.