Michele has lectured nationally and internationally. Whether it’s on conservation of marine life, cultural preservation or photography education (storytelling and technique), her talks can be tailored to your audience. To inquire about Michele’s availability please visit the contact [email protected]

Available Lectures

  • Islands of Diversity

    This lecture focuses on the incredible beauty of the marine life and the connection to the diverse culture of Melanesia with an emphasis on Papua New Guinea. Michele’s convey’s the important tie between the health of the ocean surrounding these delicate island nations to the traditions and survival of the tribal communities.

  • Conservation Photography Storytelling

    Capturing images that tell a complete story is an art. This lecture focuses on conservation with highlights from several of Michele’s favorite published articles. She details all the steps involved in producing a digital story; from research, making the right contacts, developing the goal and audience to story assembly.

  • Headhunt Revisited

    The story of artist Caroline Mytinger is multifaceted. As her passion project, Michele tells the rich story of a woman who did not accept convention and traveled with a female friend to paint portraits of the people of Melanesia in the 1920s. Michele then took her own journey to retrace the footsteps of these women 75 years later.

Recently Completed Lectures

  • Silversea guest speaker in Papua New Guinea 2016
  • Aspen Disruption Summit
  • 2014 China International Exhibition - Pingyao
  • Blue Ocean Film Festival on Tour 2013
  • Blue Ocean Film Festival, Mentor Series
  • Papua New Guinea with Asia Transpacific Journeys
  • UW Photo Tech, Adorama
  • Sea Stories at the Explorers Club
  • Mytinger Project with Society of Women Geographers
  • 2012 China International Exhibition - Tekesi
  • Blue Ocean Film Festival on Tour 2011
  • NANPA Summit Keynote Address
  • Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Cozumel Photo Shootout

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