• Papua New Guinea - Visionary Wild
  • May 17 - 30, 2017

"I was completely taken by the beauty and diversity of the underwater world," she says. "It was on my third or fourth trip that I raised my head above the water and realized how diverse the landscape and the people are."

With over 30 trips to this amazing country, I'm pleased to announce that I will lead a very intimate group of photographers to share the magic and splendor of one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. Spending time in special places will allow you to capture stunning portraits and landscapes. The best part is to be able to engage and learn from the various communities.

Where we go:

-Ambua Lodge in Tari is the home of the famed Huli Wigmen

-The Tumbuna Festival is a sing-sing, or celebration, with up to 20 different tribal groups.

-Karawari and the Sepik Spirit will take us to remote villages and river environments in the Sepik Territory.

-Tufi in Oro Province not only has unparalleled landscapes but is home to many of my wantoks (friends) in the villages

For detailed travel information and to book contact Sara at sara@visionarywild.com or call her at (202) 558-9596

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